Event Logos

We encourage exhibitors and sponsors to use the appropriate event logo to promote their participation in the conference. The IOSC event logo may be used as described in the event’s Policy. All other uses of the IOSC event logos require the approval of IOSC.

Download the IOSC event logo

Please use an up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari to download the images.

Who can use an IOSC event logo?

The official IOSC sponsoring, endorsing and supporting organizations should use the logo in promoting the event on their organizations’ websites, newsletters and promotional items.

IOSC management reserves the right to use and grant permission to use all IOSC event logos in any way it deems appropriate. IOSC management also reserves the right to request that other parties cease usage of the logos in instances where management deems the usage inappropriate, misleading or in violation of any law or regulation.

Companies and organizations exhibiting at an IOSC event may use the appropriate event logo on mailings to customers, printed advertisements and other materials related to their exhibit. Exhibitors may not use the logo to imply IOSC endorsement of any kind.


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